Thursday, January 8, 2009

First I couldn't find it, then I couldn't remember how to post!

You would think that as much computer background as I have that I would remember how to blog! And, you would think that I could remember the name of my blog becuase it has my business name in it. Wow! Wish me luck on the next one...

I bought myself a Pazzles Inspiration die cutting machine. Prior to owning it, I had the Wishblade (purple version). I'm thrilled with my new Pazzles. While I don't sell Pazzles or the supplies, I did find a good assortment of them here

The first thing you MUST do if you buy one of these is make sure you get the software upgrade from If you don't, the first time you have a stray mark outside the print area, your cutter will slice your paper in areas you don't want it to.

The second thing you will need to do is make the mat a little less sticky by patting the sticky side on your jeans just a little. You don't HAVE to do this, but if you are using less expensive brands of paper on it, some of the paper may remain stuck to the mat. If that happens to you, scrape the leftovers off.

So far, I've successfully designed some die cuts using ordinary clip art, created titles out of any font on my PC and created welded die cuts that include an image and title. I've also converted my Wishblade GSD type files to WPC files (this is what Pazzles uses).

The software that the Pazzles uses is the funtimesoftware. Which is what most of the die cutters are using today.

The reason I purchased the Pazzles are:
  1. able to use any font on my PC
  2. able to convert clip art to die cuts
  3. able to cut through thin chipboard so that I can make word book albums
  4. able to engrave so that I can make labels out of metal
  5. able to distress so that I can do on the same die cut that I just cut out
  6. able to write/draw onto paper so that I can create accent lines on the die cuts
  7. able to emboss right onto the die cut that I am cutting
  8. able to handle up to 12x24 inch papers so that I can create banners if I want to

I would recommend this machine to anyone who:

  1. wants to do any of the things I listed above
  2. has prior experience using digital software or die cutting software or has done design work
  3. would like to create vinyl lettering for advertising purposes
  4. wants a machine manufactured by a company that makes heavy duty versions of laser cutters so that you can upgrade if you want.

I would not recommend this machine to anyone who:

  1. isn't good with computer software especially design type software
  2. just simply wants to cut letters
  3. doesn't have room for a 17 inch wide machine
  4. is impatient at learning new things

Things that helped me with this machine:

  1. Yahoo user groups - search for Pazzles and funtimesoftware
  2. Youtube videos
  3. Pazzles website
  4. Quickstart setup pamphlet that came with the machine

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